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We stand 100% behind every delicious lollipop we sell. You and your gift recipients will be absolutely delighted - we Guarantee it!

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Gourmet Pop Lollipops

Simply The Best... A premium rectangular lollipop that comes in the widest variety of flavors. Our most popular item with candy and specialty stores, they display beautifully. Twenty-one premium flavors: fire stick cinnamon, wild cherry, juicy orange, strawberry smoothie, butterscotch, ruby red raspberry, cool peppermint,sour apple, lemon drop, butter pecan, pina colada, lime cooler, old time root beer, wild blueberry, banana cream... More>>


Kiddi Pop Lollipops

The Original Since 1949! This traditional ball lollipop is a big seller and has been for over 60 years. Its wax paper twist wrapper, delicious sweet and tangy flavors, and beautiful colors will bring back fond memories of by-gone days or maybe make new ones. Very popular as a premium full-sized give away lollipop. Available in 8 flavors: grape, wild cherry, orange, butterscotch, green apple, blue raspberry, root beer, and watermelon... More>>


Lickler Pop Lollipops

The small Pop With BIG Flavor! Most small lollipops are ho-hum when it comes to flavor. Not these! We even pack our great taste into these so you can show your appreciation by giving the best and keep your customers coming back. This is our most popular give away lollipop in banks, restaurants, barber shops, day care centers, and hospitals. Available in 6 assorted flavors: grape, wild cherry, orange, sour apple, and blue raspberry... More>>


Rockit Energy Lollipops

Wake Up! Feel Better! Get Moving! The Smooth Energy Blast! The Power of an energy drink without the water, half the calories, and half the cost! Lose the water and save money! These great tasting lollipops are perfect for workouts, extended driving, jet lag, late nights, tests, or anytime extra energy and clear thinking is needed. They don't need refrigeration, are very portable and can be carried in a pocket, purse, glove compartment, or any.... More>>


Welcome to YostCandy.com where you can shop for Yost Candy’s lollipops online. We’ve been making gourmet quality hard candy lollipops at our factory in Dalton, Ohio since 1949. We use the highest quality ingredients in our recipes to make the finest and freshest lollipops around. Be sure to look for some of our favorites like our Gourmet Pop. It’s available in 21 delicious flavors, the most of any of our lollipops. The Kiddi Pop is our original lollipop that we started making in 1949, and still has the wax paper wrapper you remember. The Licklers lollipop is a big favorite at banks, credit unions, restaurants and barber shops. Its low cost and bulk packaging make it the perfect give away lollipop. If you’re looking for extra energy, check out the Rockit Energy Pop. This lollipop is like an energy drink with out the water, half the calories and half the price! Buy with confidence knowing that all of our candy comes with our 100% Smiles Guarantee. So kick back, take your time and enjoy Yost Candy’s online store...