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We make private label and custom hard candy lollipops including natural, organic, and nutraceuticals, and use custom designed computerized equipment to insure that the ingredients are at desired levels. We have standard shape die sets to make pops from 7.2 to 21.2 grams net weight (1/4 - 3/4 ounce).
Minimum orders for private label or custom runs is 4,000 lbs. This translates into around 100,000 - 300,000 pops per run, depending on the size. Generally, the bigger the run, the lower the cost per pop.

Nutraceutical Lollipops

Nutraceutical Hard Candy Lollipops

Nutraceuticals are made by adding vitamins, botanicals, and other ingredients to a recipe. We've been making nutraceuticals for ourselves and our customers for over 25 years. Some examples are vitamin (vitamins), cold relief (zinc), appetite suppressant (citrimax), cough (honey), energy (vitamins and caffeine), calcium (calcium), and sports (electrolytes) lollipops. You can supply a recipe or we can develop one for you. If you're developing a nutaceutical recipe be sure to take into consideration that hard candy is cooked at high tempratures and some ingredients are degraded at these temperatures.

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Paper Stick - Plain white paper stick or printed with 1-3 colors. Standard colors are: black, blue, red, and green. Optional colors: any pantone color. We do not use plastic or wood sticks.
Wrapper Style - Sandwich or sachet style single twist (twisted around stick only).
Wrapper - Clear unprinted plastic, random surface printed, registered surface printed, random printed and laminated, registered printed and laminated, and random printed wax paper laminate.
Shapes - If standard shape dies are not desired, custom dies can be designed.

Bulk - 5-30 pounds of product packed in standard bulk boxes.
Bag Styles - Pillow bag or pillow bag with hole punch for pegboard hanging.
Bag Printing - Clear unprinted plastic, random surface printed, random laminated printed, registered surface printed, and registered laminated printed. 1-6 color spot up to CMYK full color process (photographic).
Display Box - 1-6 color spot up to CMYK full color process (photographic), uncoated, coated (clear coating over printing for scuff resistance), bare, and shrink wrapped.
Shipping Carton - unprinted kraft (brown), unprinted white, printed kraft, or printed white. 1-3 color printing.

Lollipop Options

Packaging Options

We can make lollipops that are sugar based, sugar free, natural, organic, and with nutraceutical ingredients. Most products can be certified Kosher Pareve. Click to see our Kosher Certification

Custom Recipe Options